National Cycle Route – Ring Ring Road りんりんロード & Country Road 田舎道-

Travel Highlights

One of the national cycle route in Japan is Ring ring road and you can access from this city easily. You will enjoy riding along the lake Kasumigaura which is the second largest lake in Japan.

In my guest house and shared house, it’s just for 10 to 15 mints by bike to get to the road.

If you like riding on a bike, this road is for you!
However, this road is not only for bicycles cars also pass it. In Japan, basically “KEEP LEFT” rule. Some countries are “KEEP RIGHT” so some of you may be confused.

So I’ll repeat it here. In Japan “KEEP LEFT” 😉

Ring Ring Road -りんりんロード –

On weekends so many cyclists rides on this road and it’s really getting popular.
The view of the Lake Kasumigaura is beautiful and you can see the mount Tsukuba from the road.

Mt Tsukuba
Mt Tsukuba

This full route is total 180 km.
If you have confidence of your physical strength, just do it!

I’m sure it’s not for me 😀
I’ll recommend beginners comfy road.

Country Road

Actually my favorite routes are very flat, calm and peaceful country roads surrounding rice fields.

Here are some photos ;

In this area, it’s very famous for lotus roots. You will see a large fields for lotus roots.

Sometimes they offer lotus roots just harvested for 100 YEN.

Relaxing and enjoying the sceneries while riding a bike.

This is one of the great options, isn’t it ?

Currently I’m thinking to make a bike tour. Route is riding on country road and a part of ring ring road.
I’l keep you posted 😉

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