Garlic Chives

Farm & Garden

My lovely neighbor grandma often gives me garlic chives called “Nira” in Japanese.

I haven’t cultivated a new field yet but one day she gave me garlic chives with its roots and suggested me to plant since this plant is very vigorous and easy to grow.

I like its taste and similar to garlic smells.

So I started to plow a part of the field. Then the grandma came up again and helped me.

First, we cut its leaves.

These leaves are for my dinner 😀

Cultivated soil since there are a lot of weeds and thick roots had to remove. Then dig a whole and put the plant.

Covered with soil and we put some stick no to forget we planted here 🙂
Garlic chives are under the brown soil 🙂

Then when you come here, you can eat garlic chives a lot in the near future 😉

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