Chestnut Tree

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It’s autumn. Time flies indeed.

Just before I felt so hot and humid but now feel chilly…!

In Autumn, there are a lot of treats. One of them is chestnut.

In my house there is a chestnut tree but for 2 years this area had been abandoned so the chestnuts are very small and not grown well. I need to start taking care of it in the near future.

This year, however, I visited a super grandma in Inashiki-city and luckily I got a lot of chestnuts from her 🙂

Her chestnuts are perfectly matured and large.

Chestnuts skins are so hard. When I peeled off their skins, my nails and fingers were pretty painful 😀

I have not cooked them but got a really yummy lunch from the super grandma.

Cooked rice “炊き込みご飯” in Japanese. Yellow ones are chestnuts.

Chestnuts are used like cooked rice and Miso Soup etc.
Above photo is cooked rice called “Takikomi Gohan” in Japanese. The super grandma cooked for me 🙂

Chestnuts and other vegetables were in it and its taste was surely so yummy!

Next year hope to get chestnuts in my garden and you can try them 😉

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