Osugi Shrine -大杉神社-

Osugi Shrine Travel Highlights

One of the gorgeous shrines in Ibaraki is absolutely this one!
Some locals call “Anba-sama”.

This shrine is selected “The 100 Best Landscape of Ibaraki “.

It is said that this shrine is the place where your dream come true!

Inside Osugi Shrine premises there is Kachiuma Shrine as well.

“Kachi” means win and “Uma” means horse in Japanese.
It means, Kachiuma Shrine is for horse racing.

One of the characteristics is actually its toilet 😀

It’s not kidding at all.

It’s gorgeous, right?

The chief priest of Osugi shrine is really good at resourceful and strategic thinking and has a lot of knowledge about history. Listening to his story is very interesting and can get a lot of inspiration.

Pretty a lot of people visit this shrine. Considering the fact that there are no train stations in Inachiki-city, it’s amazing.

This place might be the most famous tourist place in Inashiki-city, I supporse.

New year’s eve many food stalls were here.

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Once a year “KIKU” flower festivals are held inside this shrine premises.

Actually there are more things to write about this Osugi shrine. So I will keep updating later.

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