How to make Firewoods

Mitsu san sells firewoods at a super affordable price. All firewoods are prepared by us. Let's see how to make them! ...
Farm & Garden

Planting seeds in the Okaasan’s field

Fuji-左 I know it's getting winter but I want to plant seeds in your field. Is that ok? Okaasan(Mitsusans mothe...
Travel Highlights

Fireworks Festival in Inashiki

In Japan, during the summertime, there are so many fireworks festivals anywhere. Some people wear Japanese traditional ...
Inashiki in December

Rice cakes: Japanese tradition

Okaasan Have you ever seen making rice cakes? Do you want to try it with us ? Fuji Yes! I want to try it! ...

Carrying a large plate with heavy machinery

Mitsu-san I need to caryy metal plates ! Nobosan Got it! Tamosan OK! Kaityo Of course, I'll he...

How to make a park in a Bamboo forest

Mitsu-san I want to make a park in my bamboo forest! Fuji Sounds interesting!  Mitsu-san has his bamboo fo...
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